Jón Gnarr

„When we grow up, we are going to move to Arizona and live as real indians in a reservation. Stebbi even has indian clothes that his mother sew for him. But he cannot wear them, because they are already too small. 
I ring the doorbell. His mother opens the door.
- Is Stefán in?
I am careful not to call him Stebbi. If I do, his mother will say, that noone named Stebbi lives here. She insists that he is called Stefán.
- Are you wearing long johns?
- Yes.
I pull up the leg of my pants and show them to her. Stebbis mom is a good woman. She is strict, and yet good. She does not want me to get cold. A lot of parents do not like that their children get cold. A lot of parents do not like that their children play with me. Some even forbid it.
- Do you want to play?
- No, I am not allowed to play with you.
- Why not?
- My mother told me that I am not allowed to."
(from: Indian)

Jón Gnarr (*1967 as Jón Gunnar Kristinsson) is a writer as well as an actor. As the mayor of Reykjavík from 2010 to 2014 and with a punk background he became world-famous. Currently Jón lives as a Writer in Residence in Houston Texas. 

Jón Gnarr is manifold as an artist, but was straight-lined as a politician. In his semibiographic work (Indjáninn in 2006, Sjóræninginn in 2012), which he will present at the conference “Die bestesten Kinder der Welt” (The most best children in the world), he illustrates a picture of a child, which is at risk to be given up on. 
Anarchistic, awkward, different: This is how you can describe the child, which becomes Jón Gnarr. The society chooses the medical expertise in order to seize his personality. 
The diagnosis “Maladaptio” is of misplaced defiance. It is due to an ethos, which comes from punk, beneficiated by childish ideals, that the young punk becomes the hero who leads Iceland through the deep depression of a financial crash. 
Jón Gnarrs political development was extracted by a role in a television series trilogy –Næturvakt, Dagvakt, Fangavakt- as well as by the movie “Bjarnfreðarson”. 
Therein he brings the portrait of a looser to perfection, which holds on his wrong-headed ideals with childish insistence. 
Jón Gnarr appears to be an artificial character to many fellow countrymen; as a twin of his character Bjarnfreðarson from the movies. 
The childishness, which was present in several activities in his mayoralty, exaggerated the innocent integrity of the protagonist. 
It had a huge share in his success. 

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