Pija Lindenbaum

"I would never do a picture book about... nothing."

Pija Lindenbaum was born and raised in Sundsvall, in the north of Sweden. She graduated from the Stockholm College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1979 and has since then worked as an artist, designer and author. Pija Lindenbaum has created a long series of successful picture books: her first book, Else-Marie och småpapporna/ Else-Marie and the Seven Little Daddies, Boken om Bodil/Bodil, My Dog, Britten och prins Benny/Britt and Prince Benny…

Pija received the Swedish Bookshop Assistants’ plaque ”Your book – our choice” in 1991 for Else-Marie och småpapporna, and the newspaper Expressen’s Heffaklump prize in 1991 for the same book. Twice, in 1993 and 1996, she has been nominated for the August prize for Över bäcken/Over the Brook (text by Lennart Hagerfors) and Britten and Prince Benny, respectively.

In 1993, Pija Lindenbaum was chosen as Illustrator of the Year at the children’s book fair in Bologna. She has been awarded the New York Times’ diploma for the best picture book for Boken om Bodil/Bodil, My Dog.

In 2000, Pija Lindenbaum won the August prize for the best book for children and young people with the book Gittan och gråvargarna/Bridget and the Grey Wolves. ”Intelligently and pluckily, Pija Lindenbaum describes how a small girl acquires great courage” (explanation by the August jury). In 2008 she was awarded both the Rabén & Sjögren Astrid Lindgren Prize and the Ottilia Adelborg Prize for all her picture books.

Translated works (German)

Gittan och gråvargarna – Franziska und die Wölfe, Moritz Verlag 2002
Gittan och fårskallarna – Franziska und die dussligen Schafe, Moritz
Verlag 2003
Gittan och älgbrorsorna – Franziska und die Elchbrüder, Moritz Verlag 2004
Lill-Zlatan och morbror raring – Luzie Libero und der Susse Onkel, Beltz &
Gerlberg 2007
Kenta och barbisarna – Paul und die Puppen, Beltz & Gelberg 2008
Siv sover vilse – Mia Schläft Woanders, Oetinger 2010
Gittan gömmer bort sej – Franziska versteckt sich, Moritz Verlag 2013
Ska vi va? – Kommst du spielen Frida?, Oetinger 2014

Translated Works (English)

Gittan och gråvargarna – Bridget and the Gray Wolves, R&S Books 2001
Gittan och fårskallarna – Bridget and the Muttonheads, R&S Books 2002
Gittan och älgbrorsorna – Bridget and the Moose Brothers, R&S Books 2004
När Åkes mamma glömde bort – When Owen’s Mom Breathed Fire, R&S Books 2006
Lill-Zlatan och morbror raring – Mini Mia and her Darling Uncle, R&S Books